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Spiritual liberation, the Dream, and the Tao


            Once you have eaten of the flesh, so to speak, you must ride it out completely. You must enter the phantasmagoria of matter, and weave your way through the constant chaos before emerging out the other side into calm. You must flow as a wild river flows, crashing through endless chasms and canyons before widening out and merging with the calm, infinite sea.

            This is the gauntlet which the great emptiness incarnates into so as to reveal the nature of the paradigm, and so to show the way to freedom within this realm. For it is only after living through it, becoming whole within it, and being born out of it, that one can know the way beyond it.

            This is a liberation which is not an escape from this realm, but is instead an expansion of our finite dimensions into infinite depth and possibility.

            To wed the great impersonal Him to the great personal Her, is to bring the space into the substance, and the substance into the space, and so to unify the great, free, transcendent spirit with the immense, essential, immanent soul.

            Through this union the earthly realm becomes galactic.          

            What follows are brief passages describing this unity.




            We are accomplished by the stillness which does not accomplish.

To enter the stillness is to become the Dreamer.

To become the Dreamer is to release the dream.

This is to slow down and to feel the essence of union below the pandemonium of the stormy mundane, where the surface rages on but there is calm beneath the sea.

Most action is simply flight from self.

We must remain with the tension of stillness.

            ‘Should’, ‘could’, and ‘would’ must be abandoned.

To get to the subtle presence of eternity requires an inner stillness and effortlessness which must become the operational reality of the individual

            This ‘intimate witness’ is unaffected by all, yet permeates all.

            To become this is to cross over into non-effort, and be non-being.

            Either way, it remains an enigma.




To expand beyond the limits of this paradigm does not require understanding- for understanding is a function of the paradigm.

To expand beyond the limits of this paradigm does not require effort- for effort is a function of the paradigm.

            All events in the realm of duality and time require effort. But effort cannot take us to the eternal self, because the eternal self is effortless.

What is required of us is effortless, identitiless awareness.

            This is non-doing, non-thinking, non-desiring, which is Tao.

            To become Tao is to become the creative fire which is alive without doing, which is to become the non-doer.

By stopping all doing the hidden Doer emerges. It can do no other.

            In this way we dissolve into the all without leaving.

            In this way we are liberated by not trying to be liberated.


excerpted from OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self



The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

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In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.