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Effort, eternity, identity, time, and the Tao


Effort is gross, Non-effort is subtle

            Going somewhere, one expands in one direction.

            Going nowhere, one expands in every direction.

            The Tao is not somewhere, the Tao is everywhere.

            All things are somewhere, while nothingness is everywhere.

            The Tao is the nothingness that is everywhere.

            To become the nothingness that is everywhere is to become the subtle space which is found nowhere.

            The subtle space cannot be found by seeking.

            The subtle space cannot be known by knowing.

            The subtle space cannot be accomplished by striving.

            Tao is the goal which cannot be sought.

Effortlessness is the non-accomplishment which accomplishes the space.



To stop time is to stop effort.

Stop all effort and time ends.

The end of time is eternity.

Eternity does not begin nor end. It is.

Eternity is subtle. Time is gross.

Eternity has no identity. Time has names.

All that is timeless flows under, above, and through all that is of time.

Timelessness is without beginning or end.

Time changes.

Eternity is changeless.

Eternity is now.

Now is eternity.




Identity is time.

Time is identity.

To evaporate from identity is to become the subtle, eternal self that was never born, will never die, and is not bound, nor effortful, nor obstructed.

All ambition, effort, worry, and desire are bound to time and identity.

Identity is somewhere.

Non-identity is everywhere.

Identitilessness is a now that is everywhere.


To stop looking backward is to be the eternal creator of the eternal change called now.

‘Now’ is the embrace between being and not-being.

The membrane where the union between consciousness and being, spirit and flesh, ether and matter happens, is the eternal now orgasmic moment of our true wholeness. Newness is the birth of this never ending harmonic convergence.

To be in the newness is to be here now, and not here now. One now. Two places. One.

No time but now.

No place but here.






Eternity is the flow that is always now.

Now is the eternal flowing self which is all of existence. All of it. One flowing now Self. Now. All of it. Flowing now. Eternally.

            Eternity is not profound, it is subtle.

            Now is not time.

Now is the absence of time.

Everything is always new.

Now is what has never happened before.

Isness flows as the now that has never happened before.

All life is the ubiquitous, instantaneous living now-moment of Tao.

Death is the absence of the ever-flowing now.

We are eternally a radical new flowing creation.

            Now, now, now, now. Always the beginning. Always now.

            Now is the eternal now ever occurring now.



excerpted from OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self



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