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The holy whole, the Atman, and the Tao


To transcend the paradigm is to become liberated.

To identify with the paradigm is to become contained.

We must experience our Self as neither labeled nor bound, so as to be a mystery.

            To be mystery is to be free.

The forces which have caused us to believe that we exist only within this paradigm have no power over lucid ignorance, because such uncontained wonder cannot be caged within by concept.

To say I without knowing what I is, is to begin the journey to immortality.

I is everywhere.

Therefore it has no name.

Everything is I.

Therefore there is no I.

The eternal self is the eye beyond the I, the self beyond the self, the awareness which is stillness, the stillness which is awareness.

This is the great void.

All things are contained in the void, but only no-things are one with the void.

Anything that can be said of anything cannot be said of the void.

The void is beyond everything that is, was, or will be.

This is the transcendent realm.

When one encounters the void a slight grin emerges.

This is not the void smiling, it is the reaction of the not-void knowing it is the void.

The void is not a cold nothingness, for it is beyond coldness and nothingness.

It is impersonal awareness.




To awaken to impersonal awareness is to be the conscious void which has no being.

That which has being is somewhere.

That which has no being is everywhere.

To attain such ubiquity is to lose location.

To be everywhere is to lose perspective.

The subtle, eternal self permeates all, is involved with all, but is beyond all, for it is everywhere.

To find our ubiquity we must go beyond all.

We must cross over before we can cross back.

To dissolve into the void is to become the formless stillness permeating all form- the great impersonal awareness beyond all knowing.

This is how we cross over.


To be the eternal emptiness within the ephemeral form is to transform the world with unconditioned love.

This is how we cross back.

To become aware of the eternal self is to distill the essence which is the stillness of eternity out of the movement which is ephemeral; it is to become the formless stillness which pervades all active form.

This is when all energy bonds and karma are harmonized into the quiescent, everlasting One.

This is the dispassionate ubiquity of the subtle, characterless Self.

The identitiless Self, the free one.

The nameless Tao.

The Atman.

The ocean without end.

One homeostatic, living, divisionless ubiquity.

            To live without division, without walls, is to be the subtle Self of all that is.

This is to ease into the emptiness, and to slip between the cracks.

We enter the emptiness through the form.

            But to truly enter the emptiness, we must be the emptiness.

Hollow, hole, holy, wholly, whole.

All of it.



excerpted from OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self



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