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The eternal Tao of Taoism


To not-do amidst the doing is to enter the stillness.

This is the art of wei wu wei: to act without action.

To act without action is to be the stillness of nothingness inside the movement of somethingness.

To find pristine internal stillness is to fuel external stillness, for true stillness is everywhere.

This is the union of inside and out.

This union is more subtle than duality.

Duality is movement.

Oneness is still.

To be the one stillness is to end reaction.

To end reaction is to act without acting.

This is to be in Tao.


Tao is not an accomplishment, for the Tao is eternally present.

To accomplish that which cannot be accomplished is to enter what is eternally accomplished.

To accomplish this is impossible.

To not accomplish this is impossible.

All things move in and out of Tao, but the eternal Tao remains.

To remain is to continue after all else is gone.

Between all that comes and goes exists the Tao that remains.

To remain is to be eternal amidst all that comes and goes.

Tao is beyond all that comes and goes.

To see through all that comes and goes, is to see through the paradigm.

After this one can feel the eternal Tao that neither comes nor goes.

This is the great space that is the subtle awareness.




To be the great aware space permeating all that comes and goes is to be the eternal Tao.

To be Tao is to be liberated from all that is not Tao.

To be space is to be liberated from all that has boundaries.

To be awareness is to be liberated from the one who is aware.

This is to go beyond subject and object.

Awareness is the impersonal Tao space which is beyond all association and dimension.

Tao has no similarity.

Tao has no description.

Tao has no identity.

To be such is to be free amidst unfreedom.

This is liberation.

To be liberated is not to escape the paradigm, but to dissolve into eternal awareness.

Eternal awareness is subtle, and everywhere, so it need go nowhere.


Meditation is nothing more than the art of doing nothing.

Stillness is an actuality beyond doing and non-doing.

Stillness is the substratum.

The Doer is absolutely still, all else is the Doing, whether it be done through action, thought, or emotion.

To become the Doer who does not do, is to cross over.

            To consciously do nothing is to master the doing.

            We arrive at the do-nothing stage- the wu wei- after all the things we came to do are done, because once we have taken on the flesh, we must see it through completely; we must go the whole distance and back again.

            This is to cross over and then to cross back.

            We must finish with what we came to do, so that we can not-do what we came to not-do.

We must attain many things before we can attain that which cannot be attained, which is to say the Tao.



excerpted from OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self



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