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Identity, pride, shame, fear, Tao, and the eternal self


The eternal self is subtle.

To realize the eternal is to become dispassionate to all the gross waves of the manifest.

This is to allow the paradigm to wash over and through us, so as to maintain awareness of our subtle existence.

It is when we are addicted to anything created that we are also addicted to being created. It is only when we stop being addicted to being created that we become the stillness of the Creator.

            Identity is our greatest addiction.

            Pride will entangle us in identity.

Shame will entangle us in identity.

Fear will entangle us in identity.

And so will courage.

Any reaction to the paradigm is of the paradigm.

Action must arise out of the eternal void, the Tao, the identitiless stillness which exists prior to manifestation, in order for it not to be entangled.

            Liberation is awakening to the ever-free identitiless presence permeating the confined, gross form.

            This is to set the confined form free.




            The unmoving yet living center from which we witness the true dynamic nature of created being is a place of receptive surrender, of complete concavity; this is the vacuum, the total absence, the void into which all that is not void is drawn, destroyed, and reborn.

            The wheel revolves around the hub.

            The hub is motionless absence.

            The center which is the hub, is nowhere until it is found within. Then it is everywhere.


            To transcend the paradigm is not to rise above it, but to fall away behind it, and then to explode throughout it.

            To fall away is to not care.

            To explode throughout it is to care.

            To be the stillness permeating the all is to care without caring, and to give without giving.

            This is the empty benediction of the Tao.




In the stillness which does not accomplish all is accomplished eternally.

To distill the eternal stillness out of the gross movement is to cross over.

To become the eternal stillness in the gross movement is to cross back.

To cross back is to express immortality into mortality.

This is to become a ‘piercing through’ of the temporal, with the laser sharpness of Buddha-mind.

This is to penetrate all happenings cleanly, seamlessly, and be free from the all while being the all.



excerpted from OM, BABY! a pilgrimage to the eternal self



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