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A Bhagavad Gita commentary


As it is suggested repeatedly in the Bhagavad Gita- in everything we think and do, we must "give up the fruit of the action". The fruit, indeed! For the fruit is what comes of action- it is the fruition. So to find the objective detachment which witnesses the glorious spectacle without becoming partisan to it, we must learn to live without expectation of success or failure (regarding the ‘object’). Which is to say, we must simply live.

Thomas Carlyle describes the event as such: “So true is it, what I then say, that the Fraction of Life can be increased in value not so much by increasing your Numerator as by lessening your Denominator.  Nay, unless my Algebra deceive me, Unity itself divided by Zero will give Infinity.  ...[So] make thy claim of wages a zero, then, thou hast the world under they feet.”  (Sartor Restorus, p144)


          To do, and yet to release the outcome to the Doer, is to “give up the fruits of the action”, as Krishna so often suggested in his Bhagavad Gita discourses.

          The ardor of blank-minded effortlessness is the work of the highest souls; it is the return to the hub of the wheel- or, the eye of the hurricane, as it were- which allows the world to 'writhe' in 'raptures' before us.

          This is a realization (i.e. that we must be dis-passionate to that which takes us away from ourselves) and an actualization which few people have the level of indifference required to bring to its full potential.


We must rid ourselves of the desire to understand what is not understandable and the desire to do what need not be done (which is the greater part of everything), only then shall we be effortless and silent enough to re-ceive what we cannot con-ceive.


           Absolute, innocent attention. That is all we must do; to look continually at ourselves and the world, from the unbias of a complete stranger, so as to witness our mysterious selves witnessing the mysterious world. And yet we must be intimate also.


Listen the sublime into the body.

Be the vacuum of consciousness.

You cannot get away from matter, because you are matter.

One flesh, one earth.

There is no external, no them, only God. One.

Tune into yourself, and you will tune into all.

No more words.

Feel your way through life.





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