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Maitreya, Christ, and the Garden of Eden


The Buddha to come, Maitreya, is often depicted sitting in a western style chair, with both feet planted firmly on the ground, which is an important image symbolizing the union of spirit and flesh, and heaven and earth.


In the redemption from duality, into unity, through the divine force of Love, the realm that is now the Goddess united to God brings with it the apocalypse of re-union.


This is the life everlasting in the everlasting Kingdom, where King and Queen are one. Hence the mon-archy. The monad. The singular unity, without division. No King nor Queen, but only an omnipotent oneness, a monarchy, where the undivided I is the monarch.


When your river has run its course and you become the ocean, you evaporate into mist which falls as rain to feed other rivers (individuals) running to the sea (the all). In this way the Tree of Life you have become bears fruit.


The Garden is humanity. To become the Gardener is to sow, water, and love the Garden. Amen.


And yet the Garden has already been built. It is called Earth, the Gaia Garden. It is only now for us to return to our divine selves as it. When we become our true selves, we are the Garden of Eden.


The Gardener is Christ who is the lover of the Soul. And when lover and beloved become one, the sacred union has occurred. The soul is lost down here, until She finds Christ up there. And Christ is lost up there, until He marries the Soul down here. Christ chooses. The Soul merely opens innocently. And the rose is woven into the Garden. Amen.





The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

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Alternative Christian Religion: the Cosmic Christ pages at Spirit and Flesh. Christ came to unify all beings through love.

In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.