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God and Goddess, space and form, Heaven and Earth


In stillness you find the Self.

In action you find the self.

The self is the eternal rock in the flow of the Self.

The change and unchanging.

“It is of movement, and of rest”, stated Christ in the Gospel of Thomas.

This is to be solid as a rock, and fluid as the wind.


Non-being and being are the same event.

Different sides of the same coin. One.

In the identitless state, form and emptiness mix completely into the harmonic vibration of isness.


I am the space which pervades the cosmos. And I am the cosmos, for I am the space which loves the form.


This is the invisible, clear light of the Father- Brahma- penetrating the substantial, continuity of the Mother- Saraswati- the unmoved movers who are the living stillness which begets the all. Union.


I am the river and you are the sea. You are the river and I am the sea. I am the river, and I am the sea. I am you.

By removing ‘my’ relationship ‘to’ all others, I become all others. Then nothing is separate. Everything is everything else.

            My Spirit is of the Great Father, my Soul of the Great Mother. My flesh is the love in between them.

            God and Goddess are united.

I sanctified the flesh in the creative om which is unaffected, but which creates all, including flesh.


The snake, rising out through the crown chakra, joins the oneness of God, and links the flesh to the spirit, the Earth to Heaven, and the Tree of Life bears fruit.



excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

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Alternative Christian Religion: the Cosmic Christ pages at Spirit and Flesh. Christ came to unify all beings through love.

In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.