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Free will, determinism, and following your heart


What happens when the pleasures of the idle life become more valuable than the struggles of the active life is that the individual falls away from the society which prides itself on its knowledge and accomplishments, because these efforts have only led to more struggle, more inward poverty, more sorrow. The individual, thus liberated from the need to participate in the 'responsible and respectable' world, becomes profoundly peaceful, profoundly alert, profoundly unimportant, profoundly greater than the contagion of 'doing', to which he or she no longer belongs.


To 'be in balance' is simply to be our natural, feeling selves. Balance is where the individual and the cosmos become 'in tune' with each other; where free-will and determinism are no longer separate currents. For, in fact, it is only in the mind where determinism and free-will are contradictory, and opposed, and hence duality occurs. This division does not come from the heart. The mind will forever be abstracted from the one true movement, and caught in indecision and confusion, and therefore will always impose distance upon our intimate lives. But on the other hand, when the heart is 'moved', so to speak, not only can it do naught but follow that which moves it (and so it is determined), but also it goes there freely, with willful delight, because it knows, without knowing, what is its pure desire and need (and so it has free-will); the heart 'feels' what is good for the being, and therefore does what is good, rather than going against this because of the mind's relentless barrage of 'should's', and 'should not's' which repress the heart's inherent desires and needs.


To dissolve into the Mystery is completely effortless; it means simply to neither think, nor 'do', but only to feel and to 'be'; to have nothing between you and reality- to have no thought of 'what is', nor action within 'what is', between you and 'what is'.


In the absence of a conception of life we shall no longer do, instead we shall simply be. We shall grow out of the illusion which binds us, and become our true eternal beings.




excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

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