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The I and the Eye, the Dreamer and the Dream


            No matter who we are, or what paths we have chosen- what careers, options, or lifestyles- these are merely the vehicles of our profane experiences, and we can always return to our true, unfathomable, primordial ‘I’ regardless of anything manifest, simply by …forgetting; by forgetting the tunnel of life we have chosen to follow, and remembering  the limitless space outside of our cave.


            No matter what we have come to know as our separate ‘I’s’, there is a more expansive and profound ‘I’ still hidden behind it. And to fall back into that ‘I’, there is yet still a more expansive and profound ‘I’ behind it, and so on.

            Thus we retreat from division and limitedness into undivision and infinity, through the gate of ‘I’, until the ‘I’ becomes the eternal ‘Eye’ of all mortal I’s.

            Must we sacrifice this whole realm in order to die before we die so that we don’t ever die? Must we release this realm so that our lease is gone and we then live beyond bondage?

Or is there any bondage? And if there is, is it better to rent or to lease?

Or to be an astral vagabond?


            Go into the space inside your head, and then eliminate yourself. Tao is the self that remains.

            When self is nothing, Self is everything.

            The ego is the Self’s creation, created to react against the outside. To have nothing inside is to eliminate polarities. Emptiness begets oneness.


To become the Dreamer you must let go of the Dream.

Consciousness within being creates being.

And yet non-being of itself is infertile, it requires being in order to not-be.


The dreamer is more subtle than the dream. And yet the dream is.


Be subtle, be free.


This is the end of personal identity and emergence into the impersonal; the dissolution of separate identity into the One; it is the giving up of passion for dispassion, so as to be impartial, which is to be no specific part, which is to be whole.


This is the subtle omnipresence.



excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



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