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Satan, Christ, and the Cosmic Zen Christess

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


The molten, living core of the Mother, which I fan into ecstasy.


Like when I was playfully trying to push my mate out of bed, and at the moment she was going to fall, I pulled her back in- I had to be the villain, so that I could also be the hero.


Neither ruler nor ruled, the king of my own thing, free, the Haas that Jack built.


To shed light is effortless.

To stand in it is the hard thing.


I am the Mother, and the Christ.


I am not trying to get away. I am trying to bring all else with me, as me.

I am the Cosmic Christ, within and without.


To shatter the shell confining the silence is to destroy separation and dissolve into union.


You grow horns as the spirit descends into flesh. You get horny, so to speak.


I learned how to get myself out of the paradigm.


Everything is against you, even yourself.


The Cosmic Christess.


To become the space is to hold the space, which is to provide a vast refuge, within which others are quickened by the Quickener.


My love must become impartial and radiant in all directions.

My emptiness must remain as the space within which that love may glow.

Light needs space, after all, as old man Sol will attest.


To be the space and the love is to have become the Zen of Christ who is Sophia.


The final twist, in Total Recall, is when the lead character realizes that he is the bad guy, under hypnosis. This is when Satan is Christed.


Beyond good and evil, I am neutral space, and I am ruthless love.




excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

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Alternative Christian Religion: the Cosmic Christ pages at Spirit and Flesh. Christ came to unify all beings through love.

In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.