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On Christ, Sophia, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


Dissolving the ego, becoming empty, I am undivided oneness.


The finite self pulls together the divine two, and is then born out of that union, into the infinite Self, who is one.


A saint is simply one who has given everything up, and so dissolved into God. A sinner is simply one who is still holding on. God is the unseparated one, not holding on.


God is Christ and Sophia, linked as one in the Self. God is the Mother and Father, united in the I.

This is the Kingdom of Christ, and the Queendom of Sophia, united in the infinite God who is one.


The one created two. The two created many. The many unified into one.


The river runs its course into the sea. The sea dissipates into clouds. The clouds fall as rain. The rain creates a river. The river runs its course to the sea.


I am creating one out of many, from which two will eventually arise, from which the many will come to evolve into one. This is the cycle of cosmic evolution: out of the one arises duality, which pro-creates the many, which then attain a more expansive one.


Re: the breaths of Brahma: Brahma gives birth to Vishnu and Shiva.


Christ redeems the flesh, Buddha redeems the mind. (used once)

Mary redeems the heart, Isis redeems the soul.


This is an invocation, an embodiment, a fiat, and a prayer.


An austere, mystical expression of a new advaita, a new oneness, in which spirit and flesh commingle into a wholly new vibration, and an eternal, etheric medium is born of that union. This is Zion, Avalon, the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.


I am I.

You are I.

They are I.

All is I.



I am a petal on the lotus that is the Kingdom of Christ. The lotus is made of petals.

I am.


I am also Hanuman, for I am also a divine ape.


There is no ‘want’ in the Kingdom.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

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Alternative Christian Religion: the Cosmic Christ pages at Spirit and Flesh. Christ came to unify all beings through love.

In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.