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All is God, but what is God?

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


I didn’t have to die to enter the light.


I attained unity playing the guitar, by giving each hand autonomy, to play or not play, to play any way each pleased, and through this feeling, my female and male sides danced in love into one.


When Lao Tzu says ‘Know the male, but keep to the female”, it is because the whole is like a game of chess, where the Queen is the most powerful, but if you lose the King, you lose. Except that real life is much harder than the game of chess, for in chess one can play a ‘Queen’s gambit’, and sacrifice the Queen, hoping, or knowing, that this will eventually lead to victory. Unfortunately, in life the Kingdom is unsupportable without the Queen, so if you lose the Queen, you lose.


I am the Queen of my King.


I am in, and of, the Kingdom.


I am watering the Garden.


In this realm, life and death are the same thing, the same being.


I am dissolved into God.


Instead of hating the world, we must love God.


It is God.


I is it.

I am it.

It is I.

One it.

One I.


The I which is God is doing everything.


I is God.


I is the self, undifferentiated from the Self, the all. Everything is the same thing.


Love is the most difficult aspect of this life, and the only thing of any value in this life. And that’s life.


Stop thinking.

Listen to the silence.

Be quiet.

Feel the great space.

Forget identity and lose distinction.

You are everywhere.



excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



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