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On Zen insight, God, and the one self

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


To accept your own will, and to have God accept your will also, because it is acceptable, is to raise the snake up to Heaven, and to rise from the fall, redeemed into the new Eden, the Eden where one may now eat of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is the fruit from the snake, ones own will which has been chastened, and then divinized, as a sovereign expression of the Kingdom of God.


Thought and feeling, mind and matter, have been linked.


To give true expression to the living, identitiless self, which is one.


One eye in, one eye out.

Being and non-being.

I am one.


Instead of doing a particular action, we become everything.


"Its just what it is." Jack Haas

"This is what this is." Roshi


Piercing through this paradigm (realm).


But then, to also be what it is, is to unite infinity into the finite, non-being into being, the Father with the Mother, emptiness with form, and so to be two distinct eternities united into the one Self called I.


He is the eternal stillness.

She is the flowing now.

And they are one.


I am Self, unhindered, and unadultered, by identity. I am He and She. One Self.


I am awareness and the will which creates that of which I am aware. The event is cyclic. I am Creator, actor, witness, and Creation. I am that.


I have been dissolved into the perfection of the light realm of non-division.

I come from the undivided. Jesus Christ


We are each two selves: one finite, and one infinite- the soul and the oversoul. The trick is to keep the finite self doing, while the infinite self is merely being. This is completion of the infinite operating in the finite.



excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



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