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Buddha, emptiness, the still point, Pascal, and peace

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


Buddha is not even bound to Buddhaness.


The One radiance.


Defiantly, I am Buddha stillness, piercing harmoniously, and without reaction, all realms with my divine peace.


Become empty.

Let the fullness develop.

Enter the divine vessel.

Become empty.

Let the fullness develop…


Mercury, the quintessence, the aqua vitae, is matter purified into a divine, fluid substance. It is lead transformed into gold. The soul made into God.


When all are moving precipitously toward excesses, none seems to be so moving. He who stops makes the mad rush of the others perceptible, as would a fixed point… I have concluded that the whole misfortune of men comes from a single thing, and that is their inability to remain at rest in a room. – Pascal


The Hebrew root of ‘Sabbath’, means: to rest.


Get to the ‘stop’, the gap, the still point.

The timeless non-event wherein everything ‘stops’.

Become the stopping.

Then start again.

Only then has this never happened before.


Then, be always the stop and the movement.

“It is of movement and of rest.” Jesus, the Christ (Gospel of Thomas)

Be the one that is both.

The Creatrix Buddha.

The quickening quicksilver.

Start from your core, not the periphery.

Act from within, do not react to the without.


The Silence.


Fearlessly, I am this realm that I have created.

I am also the left hand.


Born out of the union of emptiness and form, I am peace. A feeling. A purity. A force. Neither nothingness, nor something, but an amalgamation of this duality. The One thing. A unity. And I choose to create peace. I am the peace I create. Amen.



excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



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