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Matter, light, and darkness: on becoming lighter than light

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


I am in love with Matter.

I am Matter, as I am Light.

This is cosmetizing this realm.

This is the experience of the unity of all 'things' at the level of matter.


When you begin to know, and feel, that everything is one thing, you have to change the way you act in the world, for now you are the world, for you are everything. You are the world body, and the world soul. And so, knowing and feeling this, how is it that you would like to treat yourself? To do unto others, is to do unto yourself.


e=mc2: energy, matter (flesh), and light (spirit) are the same thing, or this equation could not exist, for an equation is a method of implying equality.


To go faster than the speed of light is to become lighter than light. This is the empty indifference which is a great levity and expansion beyond the light, for light is actually matter: it is a sol-id. Sol is the sun. Light has mass, as physicists have proven. So to go faster than the speed of light is to become massless, though not matterless. This is the quicksilver, mercurial anti-matter of the ever-free, eternal, whole Self.


There is only one thing lighter than light- the absence of light: darkness; a darkness that is without qualities, attributes, or actions. The dark essence, which has nothing to do with good or evil. The Presence prior to anything; a levity, an indifference, a laughing Buddha who does not exist. A laugh before it becomes one.


In order to build the light body, you must be able to energetically let go of this realm completely, for the light is light, and is not heavy.


As the Motherly Buddha, by giving my will to Christ's expression, I detach from the Creation that I am, which is now Christ's, and so I create Christness by doing nothing: I, in my absent Presence, give a new forum, a medium, a realm, for Christ to build within, and as. Amen.






excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



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