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UFO's, wholeness, yin and yang, and Christ's creation

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


I radiate the perfection.

The 'external' fades into Me.


The Present Absence is important, but is not the light body. "Ye are the lightness of the world." This 'lightness' is a present stillness.


Light is Life. Light is matter.


The 'UFO' orbs, often seen in the sky now, are 'expressed' vibrational symbols of inner wholeness. This understanding is similar to Carl Jung's essay on UFO's, and their inner meaning. The 'orbs' represent the marriage within the inner sanctum of the whole individual. Just as the moon is the earth's inner sanctum. Hence, in the Srimad Bhagavatam, Krishna states that 'of satellites, I am the moon.'


Absolute Yang comes out of absolute Yin: To 'not-do', and to become effortless (yin), unto you arrive at the effortless core, is to become the living, generative (yang) Source. That is when yin and yang are one.


Tao is not a thing, it is a flow.


I AM is vast, living, and identitless.

To detach from the particular, expands you into the whole.


I am infinite expansion, and this realm. The eternal Male, and eternal Female, now.


Breath is an easy link between spirit and flesh. To become your breathing, and your breath, is a simple way to become both spirit and flesh.


Peace, love, and space, are the outcome of the union of spirit and flesh.


Christ is like an infinite saloon, in which the spirit is served for free. All you have to do to be allowed to enter is to leave your wile and guns at the door. And you're in. Drinks are on the house.


To give up your creations so as to enter Christ's creation, is like when a small flame is engulfed into a brilliant, cosmic blaze. And so you see, the Mother need no longer labour under great duress, for She is within the light, peace and will of Christ.






excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



The Cosmic Christ (the union of the all, which is love)

awakening, expansion, ascension, and unity

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In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.