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Enlightened body and Buddha-nature: Cosmic Him and Her as One

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


My body entered Buddha-hood first, and then my consciousness followed. That is, my substance was enlightened, and then my mind.


Space is form. Form is space.


As in the Tibetan Buddhist ceremony in which Tibetans purchase various living farm animals and fish from vendors, which are destined to be killed and eaten, and then release them back into the wilderness, so as to free them from their seeming inexorable captivity, so to does our Buddha-nature release the flesh from its limitations.


To de-sire, is to remove the Father nature from the event.

To be trans-parent, is to cross over, and penetrate through, the parental energies.


The woman womb manifests the man.


I bring a substantial peace, not a substantial action.

The stillness of beingness- the infinite, free Mother. Yin. Her. AM. United with emptiness- the infinite, free Father. Yang. Him. I.


I am a new alloy- Eastern Her united to Western Him. One.


I did not 'give up' my being, I simply shed my limited identity, and became Being.


The One Will emanates from the Great, Substantial Space of Her/Him.


No energy in or out. A sphere. Eternal. A new Self.


I is vast.

AM is solid.

Mr. and Mrs. Uni-verse (One-word).






excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas