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Androgynous Christ, Aquarian Age, and the new dimension

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


The nature of the androgynous Christ has neither inside nor out, but only a conscious new-allness, radiating from the bindu, the centre which is everywhere. I vibrate out as the new matrix- a rainbow polygon transforming this realm into a new dimension. Zion, the Machine-world, and the Matrix, now a harmonious alloy, a new realm of vibrancy, calm, and oneness. The One.


In the Nothingness of Beingness, the new dimension radiates the new vibration into the All.


To anchor the Perfection is the be the Perfection.


Duality has ended in this holistic, multidimensional expansion.


A sinner, worthy of the love of Christ and Kwan Yin.


Tarasun is a liquor: the Mother, Tara, risen into Spirit, the Sun.


The observer is the observed.

I AM one event.


He, Her here sphere.


I am the nuclear ascension to the Aquarian Age which is now.




Embracing the new realm.

Being the new realm.

The Tao is soft, eternal, and yielding.


The Aquarian cosmic switch changes the infrastructure of the universe from Eastern Male/Western Female to Eastern Female/Western Male. Hence the ocean of existence is now female, and the wave is male.


It is possible that the best thing some of us can do is to will love and blessings into this realm. And so we do it. And it is marvelous.







excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas