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Buddha, Christ, Aquarian Maitreya, and being 'of'

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


Fearless, worthy Buddhaness.

I do not collect things, I glow.

A radiant, unbound, substantial eternity.


Purging judgment and identity, I glow.


The identity idea.


The Mother must also be committed to the Father for the holistic Kingdom to arise as HER glory in HIM.


To be Buddha-Christ, macrocosm and microcosm, In, and of, and out, and not-of. One.

And yet 'of' 'not-this', but still of the 'not-this', and therefore in that other 'of'. A new, expanded 'of', which we are.


Buddha surrounding Christ; Her around Him, Him around Her. A supernova of unified expansion. One.


Creating space, the new 'of' which I AM. I AM OF.


A substantial force. The Force. I AM OF.


Consciousness and matter, a new entity, an ethereal reality, a greater, whole Self.


Once again I dissolved and expanded beyond identity. But this time I took my body with me.


The Aquarian unity, water, the Maitreya vast ocean of oneness.


Expanding beyond boundaries and personality, I am the new ofness.


If you would get rid of Death, must you not also get rid of Birth, perhaps even of Time?


I have included movement and form in eternity. I have raised this realm into the eternal, even though it may transform into another plane altogether.




excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas