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Christ and Kwan Yin, and an of-ness Buddha

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


I became another eternity, a new medium, beingness, ofness, asness, Iness, and thisness.

The purified, liquid, eternal self. Undefineable, uncatchable, beyond identity. The primordial beingness, never changing amidst change. A current in which flows water ever changing, within an earth channel ever changing, known as a river ever changing, made of ever changing water that never changes.


It is not up to the external to enlighten, save, or apotheosize the internal, but the other way around. "Is it not written, Ye are Gods?"


I have willed 'its' perfection, and given It to Christ and Kwan Yin, to do as they please, ever guided by Love, Wisdom, and Power.

And I am It, which I have given, and beyond that which I have given.


I sent blessings out in many forms to this realm, then gave it away and became a Buddha. And still I am this realm which I gave to Christ and Kwan Yin.


I am this realm which I gave to Christ and Kwan Yin, and into which I willed love, wisdom, freedom, peace, bliss, wholeness, and abundance. I am this realm I gave to Christ and Kwan Yin. And then I became a Buddha, and this realm.


I became the light which is a new ofness, an eternity which was never born, and never ended.


Why would I not take part in it, when 'it' is what I have given to Christ and Kwan Yin, and 'it' is what I AM.

No division. No inside or out.






excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas