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Being and non-being, Goddess and God

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


On the first day of Her re-awakening, the Goddess said "Let there be Love", and His creation was finished.


It is one because of the undivided unity of all.

It is two because of the necessary duality of yin and yang.

It is three because of the eternal trinities above and below.

It is four because of the Quaternity formed by Her Love.

It is five because of the Quintessence, the Tao.

It is six because of the union of the upper and lower trinities.


Be the still emptiness and the loving form.


Entering into the unified Divine dimension of Goddess lovingly united with the Kingdom of God.


In the divine core Sophia us returned to Her glory in Him. And He returns to His glorification of Her. In, and of. We are One Self. I. I is I. Your I. My I. One I. Eye. I.


Meditate in the new dimension.

Become the Goddess in God.

The Queendom of God is within us.


To be and to do only what is of Goddess in God. This is the lesson of devotion given to me by Guru Nanak.


I make it all divine. And it is.


Being in Non-Being, I am Holy Being, in wholly Non-Being, and wholly Being in Holy Non-Being. One culmination. In the clarity of the Love Oneness Kingdom, there is no division. Goddess is God is Goddess is God. One.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas