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Redemption, beingness, and the apocalypse of oneness

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


Just be.


To become it, and then expand beyond it, is to be and expand yourself at every moment. In, and of, and not-of.


Immanence and transcendence. West and East. The two that are one that is two.


Inside is outside is in.

A contiguity.

Subject and object have merged.


Do not judge it, just be, and you will be it.


There is no here or there.

There is no external.

There is only now.

I am it. I is it.


Queen and King in one being unite the universe into One.

I am the apocalypse of oneness. So are you, for we are one.

One liquid with two tastes, inseparable and yet distinct.

Two unique leaves steeped in the same pot.

One tea made with two non-blending teas.

The one that is two.


Now neither male nor female, being nor non-being. One.


Be everything.


I am the light that it is.

I am it, and it is God.

Redemption has occurred.


My choice is to be still, because I AM stillness.






excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas