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The alpha and omega of the Source that is One

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


You see what you are.


The alpha and the omega: the Self which occurs prior to existence ("Before Abraham was, I AM."), and the Self that is existence ("This is my body, this is my blood.")


The stillness permeates all.


Now, as the Mother, I receive, and emanate, the Father. And I AM both.


Everything has a vibration except the still point of creation.

If you 'stop' completely, and have no vibration, you cross over into the stillness of eternity.


To bore your way past separative identity, into the oneness of stillness, is an intimate and apocalyptic act.


Personal ambition dissolves as one merges into the All.


'Relationship' to anything specific is finished, and one becomes the divisionless All.


Form is emptiness.

Emptiness is form.


She flows upward, out of the crown chakra.

He flows downward, out of it.


The Source is One.


I had separated myself from the clear, calm, undivided, weightless, invisible, neutral, light-realm which is the Buddha Kingdom Space.


The Eastern She expands within the Western He- Orient within Occident- until the resonant shimmer of multidimensional oneness expands infinitely into and beyond the All.

Yin's fluid infinity carries Yang's absoluteness in all directions, as a dye released in an ocean slowly colours the whole.

The are then one infinity.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas