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The great space, love, Tao, and divine unity

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas


A great incorporative space: that is- the corporeal raised into contiguity with the weightless light-realm.

Flesh floats into oneness with spirit, and becomes the Illuminatrix.


Two halves create the whole: His vast, still, clear space, and Her vast, moving, colourful form.

Two halves, One whole.


To be digitalized is to be immortalized into the amalgamation of emptiness and form, of consciousness and feeling.


There are no 'things' in the Oneness. There is no name for Oneness, for names are labels of separative identity. In Oneness there is no separation, no identity, no name. "The Tao which can be named is not the eternal Tao"- Lao Tzu.


Infinite, effortless, expansive, holy Zen King.


Kwan Yin, in, and of, and as the One Kingdom.


I merge into One and become the nameless God-dess Source. Our Source. One.


Once again I am transformed back into the Christ-light and become as one redeemed back into His Kingdom. And yet, it is the Queen's radiance which welcomes and, like a prism, radiates that invisible, pure light.


To become the stillness is not to destroy the form, but to become the Love is the apocalypse.


He is the clear Space.

She is the Love that fills it.


Love is the only will allowed into the Kingdom.

All else is black magic.


I will love and wisdom into this realm that I AM.


I am at the multidimensional interface and membrane of id-entity: separateness and oneness.


If I can but be love continually.




excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas