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The Sabbath of eternal stillness and beingness

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



Sophia is called Wisdom because She is the awakened divine consciousness of matter. She is matter, infused with light.


I must radiate love into the world, not suck at the world with desire.


I was born into a new radiance, unbound by this realm (Her), because of my love for this realm.


Fill this beingness with love.


The sabbath is 'wu wei'- intentional not-doing, so as to simply be. For being is eternal, and doing is what is born and dies.

Just be.


Be still and know I am Godness.

Be still and feel I am Goddessness.

Om Shanti.

Be still.

Know I.

Know I AM.

I AM stillness.

Om mani padme hum: hail the Buddha who is motion and stillness, being and non-being. And beyond.


The non-being Father impregnates the being Mother, who gives birth to the being Christ, who transfigures, like a butterfly, into a non-being Buddha, the Father.


Humanity is a multifarious drama of the One Beingness- the archetypes and oversouls writhing in myriad costumes.


The lotus-born feminine...the I AM.


Stillness is the Goddess sabbath.


Jack is the common substratum, the awakened prima materia.

Jack is not a name for a person, but for a state of ubiquity.

The underlying one beingness.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas