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Chi, prana, bodily enlightenment, and the currency of love

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



Kali is pure Shakti.

Lucifer is pure Shiva, Nataraja, the lucid light bearer.

The union born from these two destroyers is peace.


I come before, I am during, and I shall be afterward.

 I AM the now that never ends.

I stop time within myself.

I come to the Stop.

And being creates itself anew from there.


In, and of, and as the piercing into and through, into not-of, I am the withness witness.


Vibrating into the Kingdom (light)- being enlightened bodily- one becomes a light within matter, lightening all. In, but not of, as they say. And yet still in love with the Mother, Mater, Matter. Welcomed into Her, as the loving light of Him. In, and of.


A deal has been struck, and love is the currency, the current. A present of presence. From both to both. Love.


Flesh becomes His spirit. Matter becomes Her consciousness.


The light Buddha not bound to this realm by energy bonds, but by love.


The reclining Buddha has accomplished beingness.


I am no longer trying to know, but only to be.


When your inner chi harmonizes with the outer prana, you dissolve into the light energy soup of the cosmos, and awaken to your infinity within this realm.


I pray that love, wisdom, and power will guide us to our highest perfection.


Let my existence be a blessing to this realm.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas