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Love, wisdom, and Kuan Yin

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



The eastern bride of Christ radiates the cosmos from the Kingdom.


Many-armed Kali, and many-armed Avalokitesvara. One?


Be the whole.

Perceive holistically.

The unbounded hole.

A holy hollow.

The fill it with love.


Both sex and love are great, but between the two love is greater, for sex can quicken the flesh, but only love can redeem and make it holy.


The dragon is the kundalini serpent risen out of its anchor in matter, and having its power elevated into the light of spirit. Thus Kuan Yin is often depicted as standing on a dragon, for She has taken control of the primordial, unfocused serpent power, and focused it into love.


Love is the Will, focused by Wisdom.


The Radiant Goddess now creates out from Her marriage into the Kingdom of Christ.


And then comes the Great Neutrality: transcendent immanence.


Where there is love, is there not unlove? Or how would the love be known?


To remove all idea of good and evil is to penetrate the all as the Neutral One.


The Source is One.


God in Goddess.

Goddess in God.


I have united Sophia and Kuan Yin within me.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas