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Stillness, peace, fearlessness, and the Rose

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



My identity dissolved completely when I became wholly protected by the great union with Her, the Goddess; before then I needed an ego to imperfectly shield me.

I became my inner female, the Rose, because I was protected.


What a strange and beautiful life this is I am.


The impersonal has awoken in the personal.


The matrix of identity, finitude, separation, and fear has ended.


The silent stillness that I am is now.


The King also grows out of the earth, though he be crowned from above.


The right to be silent is the end of the need to justify or defend identity.


If it be the will of Love and Wisdom, let it be so.


I am the piercing-through radiance born out of the flesh.


The Kingdom has reclaimed Sophia, in me, as me, of me. She is now in, and  of, the Kingdom. Once again.


Become a divine blessing to the divine realm that you are.


To be still and fearless enough to allow the will of Love through me.

To be the great emptiness and the Loving Creatrix.


The divine stillness, force, and glory of transcendent immanence.


Creation flows out of the Rose, into the force of the divine and loving new flesh.


Let them be cleansed by the radiance of my peace.


The absence of shame and fear is peace.

Peace is a calm force absent of thought.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas