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Creator, Creation, Kwan Yin, the shadow, radiant love, and the Pentecost

excerpted from the notebooks of Jack Haas



Be still, dissolve into the Source which emanates Love and Wisdom.


This has never happened before: creation emanates from the eternal, a priori, now.


To chase after the manifest is to be the Creator following after Creation.


I am the Mother transfigured into Light.

As Her in Him, I make it all into substantial Light.


God's (the Father's) fear of becoming trapped in Matter (the Mother, Goddess) ends when the light of Christ is embraced and protected by Kwan Yin. Then their love is the end of fear of trappedness, or, in Her case, abandonment.


To keep the light enclosed within, do not desire what is 'outside' of you.


Macrocosm and microcosm, I am surrounded by myself.


Desire creates the shadow. This is because creation arises from within, and it is our own light which also illuminates creation. However, the moment we 'objectify' and pursue our own creation, it takes on a false shadow dimension, caused by our own light pouring onto what we believe is on longer within us.



Be still.

Integrate Heaven and Earth.

Expand through them.

Radiate love.

Enter the Zen clarity.


Flow energetically out from the Source.

Let the Source flow from you.

To not cling energetically on with desire for what is created is to be the Source which is not bound by Its creation, except that It loves Its creation, and therefore is bound by the bond of Love. For love is a bond freely given, and which cannot be taken. Love is energetic freedom. Love is freedom.


Return then to the Zen absence which is all suchness.


Detach into a new light so as to illuminate a new beingness, so as to unite the twoness, and become the new lighter beingness.

Be thoughtless, aware beingness.

Be no-fear nowness.

Now. Be.


Radiate as an autonomous glow.


Stop being the doing puppet, and become the unmoving puppeteer ("The ego, deluded by the senses, thinketh 'I am the Doer'"- Bhagavad Gita)


I entered the energetically free Source through fearlessness, as the reclining Buddha of Love.


I am stillness emanating now-love. Nothing belongs with be but now and love. I am now, and love.


After the Pentecost, the flesh is no longer flesh- it is Christ.





excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas