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Christ, the divine feminine, the Kingdom, and being here and now

Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


I AM this event. I gave myself author-ity.


The divine feminine rises into Christ, and Christ envelopes Her, and then She expands into the creative void, and envelopes Him, and the two are One. In Christ, of Christ, beyond Christ.


When one's Eternal Nature overrides the temporal being, the infinite has entered the finite, and time comes to an end.


Eventual even Mary ascends, knowing that her unbound expansion and radiant compassion are more of a blessing to this realm than a more emotional, limited bond of love which can shift this realm nowhere.

The leader leads by leading, not by staying behind to console the profane paradigm.

To divinity we go.

Divinity we become.

Divinity we are.

Do not become undivine.

Enter the Kingdom, and draw all others with you.



I release everything that is not of the highest perfection.

I embody only that which is.


You cannot escape here and now because you are here and now. Tomorrow, or the next day, or wherever, no matter where you go or where you don't go, neither time nor space matters, for you are only and always here and now.

The here and the now are the eternal aspects of all that comes and goes. Here and now never move nor change; they are always here and now, as the depth whose stillness contains the ephemeral waves, and is the ephemeral waves, but is unmoved by them.




Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas