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Timeless, radiant stillness, and some parables

Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


To enter the timeless is to slide through the realm of time; it is to leap off the wheel, and become what is no longer bound. This is liberation from the drama in time.


A new macro double helix is created from the intertwining of the Occidental divine Father, with the Oriental divine Mother: absolute silent stillness united to radiant expansive light. The new flesh.


It is not just about this realm rising up into the kingdom, but of the kingdom coming down into Her. Christ is the Kingdom of Heaven in, of, and as the new earth.


It is like a bubble which, after coming detached from the bottom of a glass of water, rises up through the separate identity, ensconced by what it is not, until bursting into union with the infinity it truly is.


It is like a person who lives in shallow water their whole life, struggling, dancing, making love, running afraid, and wandering, and yet the only thing the crabs below the surface know of are two alien things that move about unpredictably.


It is like a laser beam shot into a room made of mirrors, so that the single beam reflects and reflects, but never stops being a single beam which fills the room with its own infinitely reflected light.


The stillpoint is where unity occurs. Stillness is 'us'. Usness.


Be radiant stillness amongst them.


It is the ever changing stillness.

"It is of movement and of rest". JC, Gospel of Thomas


A soft, pliant, peaceful stillness. The Tao.


You get caught by disliking, just as easily as by liking.

Neither reject nor desire.

Cleanly release all energy bonds.

Be free.


A clear gem.

An invisible diamond.

Eternal, and yet transparent and unnoticed.

An ethereal crystal.





Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas