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The dragon, Christ, and healing the Creators

Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


The manifest is the outcome of the sublime.

Unifying the energies which occur prior to manifestation, is to make whole the Divinity within- to which to become Worthy - and so to fill this realm with divine worth.


The female trinity now points upward, and the male trinity downward.


I have united the Creators within.

Everything is perfect, or healing to perfection.

Eye am one.


Light is both particle and wave.

There is both radiance and flow.

Both emptiness and viscosity.

Both east and west.

I have united Sophia and Kwan Yin within me.


I am the Dragon and the Christ who rides me.


I am made of the crystal light of Christ, produced by the great radiant source I AM.


Isis is the great silent stillness prior to all that is.


Sophia on Mt. Meru.


Oneness, duality, unity, and detachment are all the same thing.

Sophia has risen into detached freedom while yet remaining all that is.

Sophia, the Buddha, is free.


In, of , and as, and not-in, not-of, not-as.

This and not-this.

Intimate and unbound.




I became a core of stillness and infinite space.


The Mother has been transformed and re-birthed through me. And what comes out of me, ensconces me.

The new allness of She who is my child and also mother of me.


One eye inside, one eye outside.

In, and not-in.

Union of the cosmic male and cosmic female as me.


A living, dynamic, changing yet changeless stasis.

A vibrating stillness in eternal orgasm.

Gaia in yang samadhi.


If you can become immensely still, until you slip inward into the vast eternal stillness prior to manifestation, you will remove yourself from karma. But you must be strong enough to be absolutely still amongst the energies of karma attempting to keep you always active. And then if you can bring that stillness non-reactively into being, you can shift the karmic fabric of existence. This is the vibratory redemption. The ascension. The Kingdom and Queendom come.


In the radiant, undivided inner perfection, eternally we are one.

In the soft, undivided realm, we exist eternally as one.

In the subtle radiance beyond division, we exist eternally in the new vibration.


Fearless, ambitionless light.

We are the everywhere stillness.


This is ourgasm.





Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas