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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



To be whole, and hold, the holy living Christ Light.


In the great clear space, She and He, Inside and Outside, become the same eternal One Radiant New Sun.


The Feminine Buddha - Shakti Buddha.


The eternal, non-aggressive stillness which permeates all.


The divine stillness does not force itself. It is.


His silent spaciousness.

Her still formlessness.

Cosmic harmony.


United within- the self-generating, sovereign, eternal one being.


The inner, expansive everythingness.


Instantaneous sovereign release of all restrictive energy bonds.


The new quaternal vibration prior to the manifest: Isis, Christ, Kwan Yin, Buddha


The silence beneath the seeing.


Birthing Buddhas: Buddhas are symbolically elephants (ie. Ganesha), the union of Shiva and Shakti.


The union: the Will becomes a clear radiance of non-aggressive stillness.

Living, aware, light Buddha nature.


To close your eyes to the external world.

To open them to the inner sanctum.


A new sun, coming from one's whole being.


By not taking 'from', I radiate 'into'.


The laughing Buddha, Maitreya - enlightened matter.


The risen Sophia dances more sublimely in, and of the Kingdom.


The thoughtless, aware, androgynous, motionless space which permeates all. Buddha nature.


Anything that has a quality, any quality, is an emanation of that which has no quality. Quality is emanation.


The union of the spacious, lower, inner red glow of Sophia, merged with the radiant, upper, inner gold glow of Kwan Yin, within me.


As you transform, the world transforms around you. (as an example: as I turned oriental within, some archetypes in the outer world, which had previously been occidental in my earthly drama, became oriental)


Two forms of Buddha nature:

Piercing expansively through this realm.

Rising into the clear light.


Birthing Buddhas: The Feminine Tree of Celestial Life.


Having no head: no limiting identity.


I is everything. Everything is I. One. I.


I is a sea of I.


Separativeness dissolves away. I remains.


Self, integrated into the all. No difference. One Self. One all. One I.


You are my window into the allness I AM.

I am your window into the allness you ARE.

One allness.



Every I is the same I.

Everything is the same thing.

One thing.


I am.


I have realized this unity.

I is unity.

I is I.


I AM- a stupa which points both up, and down.


A new I: Christyin


Buddha nature is being Buddha nature.


Fear is the misunderstanding that one is not the all.


Vibrating Buddha nature into this realm.


Life, in all its realms and dimensions, is wonder-full.

Life is wonder.


Small 'I', Buddha, surrounded by big 'I', Buddha. One.


When the mask is burned away, the One remains.


The next dimension is another vibratory and experiential dimension altogether- not just and added element to this reality.


The new beingness is 'being' not 'doing'; it is the beingness which is not trying to accomplish anything in this realm. Like the om, it is a vibration.


'I' divinize this realm by becoming this realm's divine 'I'.


I wash the past away.

This has never happened before.

Everything is as it should be.


There is no history.

Only a new realm.


Everything is NOW.


'I' is NOW.


'Now' has no history, because 'Now' always is.


The now that always is, exists independently of time.


The higher self will control the lower self, making the lower self go where It wants- like a rider driving a horse onward. And the horse will forever go where it is driven. That is, until it becomes a Pegasus. Then they will fly beyond the rider's wildest dreams.


I am the substantial ocean of eternal, liquid light, flowing subtly through and as the all.


The light Mother, risen into Christ.


Union of the divine feminine and divine masculine is attained in the formless realm.


This is the Goddess and God in dynamic union.


Inside and out become the same thing.


It is not possible to expand beyond me, because I have no boundaries.


Act, without expectation of reward, and you shall not be bound to the energy of this paradigm, but instead you will be united to the divine realm.


Not before.

Not during.

Not after.


Now here.


All ways.



The great clarity comes when inside and outside merge into one.


Both the architect and the builder must eventually leave the house, if there is to be peace for the one whom lives in it. Unless, of course, these are all the same One person.


A clean, sharp, Zen union.


An unbound Zen energy being within the structure which does not bind it.


I choose to rise above the tumult into the peace.


There is a hole, from this realm into another, into which one can look. There are angels who gather round the one who looks into this hole, but they themselves cannot look within. Everyone who has ever looked into the hole, no matter how hardened was their heart, began eventually to weep. In fact, the sorrow of the one who looks into the hole inexorably becomes so woeful and penetrating that the angels, who have never in eternity seen into the hole, begin to weep as well. And the agony becomes so great for the one who looks into the hole that the angels can no longer bear the pain they now feel also. It is then that the angels become desperate from sorrow, sadness, pain, and love. They try to wrestle the looker away from the hole. But the looker cannot be moved. It is then that it becomes too much for them. The mob of weeping angels set upon the one who cannot stop looking, who shudders and moans a desperate, terrible sorrow for that which the looker sees. And the looker holds on. And the mob who feels the pain of the one who sees the unknown agony now take to violence and rage to pull the looker away from the sorrow they cannot see. And when finally the looker's bloodied grasp is wrenched free from its hold, and the looker is grappled by the raging horde of weeping, loving, frantic angels, and the hurtling chaos of heaven and earth comes crashing to a tremendous, pulverizing halt- that is when the weeping mass begins to laugh.


Buddha Shakti Christ - expansive stillness, flowing power, manifestation.

The father, the mother, and the son.





Inside the ancestral ontobulary, beyond

the occulescent necorsium, therein

lies the hemotic fecunduloid.


In the stelophid trajectency, where the

horronic antegium colloids

with the ambrosius melisium, we

antigate an offusius vernacity.


Brazened buccolisoids, who quell their

felanducious trembosis with glotus

helpings of homulous onteroids.


This filotid oxulency proclaiming its

antoculous prevondency, perpetuates

obliquity into mystocious, follulent brevolity.



I became a vast, expansive, finer energy, and vibration than the coarser, heavier realm.


A buddha is not bound energetically to this realm in any way.

A buddha acts, but does not react.

A buddha chooses existence, on his or her own terms, not on the basis of the paradigm.


In buddhahood there is nothing left to be done. You are the finished product.


I did not choose against this life, I simply chose another life.


I, the feminine buddha, unbound yet substantial and all penetrating.


To ground the space, and be the flourishing.


Be the radiant divinity with nothing to become.


Separation is heat.

Unity is cool.

I am the cold energy of the new feminine sun.




My interest lies in the transformation of existence into a new beingness; a divine, fearless, peaceful, radiant, loving, and free realm which I AM.


Mary, Christ, Shiva, Kwan Yin, and the absence which allows them to be One.


Erase the past.

This has never happened before.


Love is the frequency of ascension.


Merging into the Buddha emanation, is immortality within purity, love, and peace.


cosmosis: the intermingling of different vibrational essences to produce a wholly new creation at every new nowness.


You have to be wanting and willing to be still instead of anything else. You have to let go completely. You have to choose Her stillness into order ot be a buddha who breaks free of the lower energies. You have to be Him.


Now is the absence of time


only now exists.


Now always is.

Now is timeless.

Now is eternity.

Now is now is now.



Owing no karmic debts, nor holding the energy of another, nor grasping, nor desiring, nor doing, Eye awoke to being Isis within, on the other side of this realm.

I crossed over to the immortal, other side.










Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas