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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



Let go of the outcome. Let it come out.



Eventually do the chakras dissolve into one event, and the body as well?


When the fuel is gone, the fire goes out.

But the space eternally remains.


No matter the external, I am a Buddha.

No gravity.


The essence is effortless.


Androgynous, unified, divine, timeless awareness.


Living consciousness, liberated from form.


A Zen harmonization.


The liberated, formless feminine, united within to the liberated formless male.



Everything is as it should be.


No fear and no thought are the the clean atmosphere in which the body rises into divine lightness.


They don't need a Christ or Buddha in heaven. Everyone there is already in heaven. Christs and Buddhas are simply citizens of heaven, here on earth. Up in heaven they're mostly musicians, artists, layabouts, and lovers.

What are you, in heaven?


The thing is this - perhaps I am even now in heaven.


I am a citizen of heaven.


Now is the actuality.

The timeless penetration.


Striving is an event within time.

Effortlessness is timelessness.


Timelessness exists everywhere, without effort or force.


Love is obvious only in a realm where unlove is also. Otherwise all is a neutral peace.


Stop the spirit from running out, and the insects will stop feeding.

Seal the vessel.


Circulate the light within.

Cross over to the other side.




And when your Buddhaness comes, you will be distinct, and everywhere.


Being is a divine actuality.


Becoming light, the whole body begins to resonate at the heightened vibration of the crown chakra.

Hence the mound depicted on the Buddha's head, in sculptures and art, some of which even have a Buddha head on top of Buddha's head, and another head on top of it.


Most people want drama, and create drama, because stillness is so discomforting.


Archetypes: people who carry the same inner spirit as another, but are in separate bodies.





Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas