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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



Do not think anything of this paradigm. Do not judge it or you will fall into 'it'. From Creator to Creation one falls by grasping. This is the sin of eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - this is judging life as good and bad, and grasping from limitedness into limitation; from infinity into the finite. This is how the unbound eternal God(dess) you are becomes mortal.


Let go.

Know nothing.

Be unlimited.

Be unknowable.

Be eternal.

Be stillness.

Be undivided.

Be One.



Buddhaness radiates and does not grasp.


Let go to (h)allow the creative flow.


I became vast, silent stillness.


Unite the energy of the occident with the vastness of the orient.


Be in the timeless now.


Be in the great stillness.

And so take others there.


The Tao is substantial.

Feel it.

Be in it.

Become it.


The headless peace of the One.


I am a completely new being, a completely new vibration.




An alchemist of the within, I have refined and particularized Her within me.

Fire refines. Water creates.


An allergy attack is just that - an outer attack on the inner space. This is caused by a psychic intrusion from another's negative consciousness, which causes sneezing, which is why, in earlier times, people knew what they were saying when they stated 'bless you' to a person sneezing.


I am the ocean of the new, viscous, divine radiance.

And I am the core.


As substance and silence, stillness and sway, I AM the clear glow.

One within all now.


Am I now and epiphyte?

Or a fungi which is neither plant nor animal?


The tallest tree ever measured is a Eucalypt Mountain Ash from Australia, whose species propogate only from the catastrophe of a forest fire. The tallest trees depend on destruction.


All is one event.


As long as there is gold in the dross, the coals are worth blowing still hotter.

But when the vein runs dry, then it is that the miner must begin another tunnel.


Inside becomes outside, because once you go inside far enough, you emerge 'out' of this realm: you develope 'Big Buddha' mind.


There is no path.

All paths are aspects of the drama.

The Source is prior to drama.

The way to the Source has no path.


Shiva, the silent power everywhere.

Buddha, the potent transfiguring space.

Christ, the enlightener and redeemer of the body.

Mary, the love.

Isis, the inner self power.

Kwan Yin, the great radiance.

Allah and Sophia, united in the heart.



A clear light Buddha allowed into the Eternal Buddha realm.


For Christ's sake, I hold myself in Buddha.








Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas