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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



Mantra of the new vibration: Life is Beautiful.


Can you be nobody, while you're being somebody?


Time has ended: I am the unchanging now.


Some people you meet are a reflection of your greater Self: as you evolve within, the aspects of your evolution will appear as 'others' in a new and transformed way. That is, as my inner being moved 'eastward', oriental versions of my occidental anima and other inner aspects appeared as 'others' in my life.


Perhaps there are aspects of the soul which must be created, rather than found.


The union of Chi and Christ.

Nowness now.


To pull your bindu out is to stop being a puppet in the drama, and instead to rise out and become a new, luminous sun.


By pulling my separate identity out, and energetically withdrawing into the space before creation, I deify this realm with Goddessness.


I have learned to withdraw the core of my energy being- my bindu- out of the energy field of this realm, and back into the pristine purity prior to manifestation and duality. At the time of writing this, I am 41 years of age. It's likely that I could not have achieved this liberation earlier, as there was much I had to do- or chose to do- 'in' the world, and was therefore intimately intertwined with the energy 'of' this realm. Now I can place my core in the divine purity of the unmanifest Oneness. It is 'from' here, that I now radiate 'into' the realm of form.


Experience is the interzone between the eternal and transient.

I come before experience.


Before, during, and everywhere.

I am before everything.

I am everything.

I am beyond everything.


Everythink- think about everything at once.


The eternal vibration, devoid of all matrix and drama.

The ocean of pulsating Self.

The eternal stillness which penetrates through.

The awareness of awareness.


An ocean of peace.


Now is alpha and omega.


A Buddha is when Shiva and Shakti come together within.


My Shakti transformed into powerful light.


Self. One. Self.


The Christ is the balance point between the divine male and divine female energies.


I have changed my name to I.


Dispassion leads to the inner passion of clarity.


On the subtle plane, I am an eternal Buddha.


To love, one must be love.


I disown the costume of separate identity, not the divinity of being.




The stillness which permeates all.


Life did not work out as I had hoped. But, in the end, everything was as it should be, as I entered into Buddhahood anyway. So therefore life worked out as I had hoped.


I have risen into the higher vibration of Kway Yin.









Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas