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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas



The Force has many Forms: I am particularized into a higher vibrational state of the same thing - just as water turns into steam - ascension is a change of state, a newness of expansive, particularized, eternal, actual Buddhaness.

But, then, light is both particle and wave.


Heaven is a celebration.


Thought itself will try to drive you out of the stillness, which is why it is essential to enter the thoughtless realm of Shiva stillness, and so to enter the Kingdom of Peace.


Uniting my two sides, behind my eyes, within me, I become an eternal, idiosyncratic, cosmic nexus.


Be in the inner sanctum within, while the body is in the world.


Be in the stillness. Always. All ways.


The Tao is soft and yielding.


I met a man in India named Quan, who had a very yin-type girlfriend: together they made Kwan Yin. He played an instrument he had created, and called it a sitar-guitar. Three years later Kwan Yin herself inspired me to create the Yintar. So the actuality is also the symbol.


The seed knows not into what type of tree it will grow. But the Gardeners who planted it know very well. This is the reason for the planting.


The lesser man stares at an obstacle and weakens. The greater man stares at an obstacle, and grows stronger.


'You are giving me a pain in the neck' is a common phrase but most people have not experienced an actual pain in the lower part of their necks when someone has anger towards them. I have experienced this many times.


The Good Father is the clear, open, pure, and limitless space.


Half of me is the great, clear unlimited space; the other half fills me.


Have no role. Be nobody. Be.







Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas