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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


Crown chakra fully open and whirling, the Divine Feminine rises through me, and transforms this life.


And then, you are no longer responsible for saving the world; it is no longer your highest path. You are a Buddha. And you are free and everywhere.


I AM in and of and ascendent in the Great Everywhere Silence I AM.


Big Mind encompassing Form; self within Self.


If you watch yourself you will expand beyond yourself. You will become Self. Impersonal and personal.


Remember your own Divinity.


Right now, it is what it is.


The Feminine is also Christ.

This is my apocalypse for the world.


I am the expansive stillness.


The unbound Cosmic Christ.


Christ I.



The stillness is impartial. It can pierce through all realms. For it permeates all, but belongs to none.

This is Buddha nature.


"Let there be Love": mantra of the Goddess-God within.


From the duality of higher and lower, one shifts to the vertical marriage between left and right, female and male.




A Buddha is one who stands firm in the middle of a rushing river. A Buddha is neither on the shore, nor caught in the flow. And a Buddha is one who sometimes lets go, and joyously dives in and rides down the river Divine.


I have attained the YabYum- the inner union of the Cosmic Divine Male with the Cosmic Divine Female.


I have expanded beyond the paradigm, beyond thought, beyond this vibrational realm, beyond anything that is anything.

A Buddha.


From an ocean of water, to an ocean of light, I AM the next dimension.


If you raise your entire body up into the vibration of the 8th Chakra, which resides above the head, then the flesh becomes a projection of the spirit, rather than the spirit being a projection of the flesh. This is ascension.


The victory: "I love myself."






Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas