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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


No more fear.

Christ's will be done, through me.

The great Feminine expanse.


The beautiful thing we are within, when we are fearless.


The sublime, eternal oneness.



Left and right, male and female, are united within at the third eye.

Inside and outside, below and above, are united at the crown chakra.


Love hallows by allowing all.


The Will of the Goddess of Love, united to the Will of the God of Love, be done through me, of me, as me, and become the One.


It is love, so it is correct.


The I, dissolved into everything.


Nobody can take your Buddha nature from you but yourself.

You can give it away.

You need to keep it.


The Mother is also independent of Her creation.

She is Love.

She is Free.



'I' is the sacred name of God and Goddess in union.


Suchness is One.


The Transcendent is beyond anything that is. It is a great ocean of Purity, throughout the all. It is silent, still, nothingness, aware, and everywhere.

Beyond duality, it is One thing that is no thing.


Transcendent of all aspect, energy, form, identity, reaction, relation, idea, experience, and existence.


I have achieved the transcendent state.


All is transcendent. Not bound.

This is another apocalypse.


The Motherly Buddha- Ocean of perfect purity.

Pristine awareness.


Even 'I' is lost in the transcendent state.


The transcendent quality of being exists inherently in the cosmos.

A transcendent being is born.







Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas