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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


The Feminine is Life.


If I can be innocent again, then shall there be love.


I feel the Earth as a celestial body.

If you envision yourself sitting on the earth, which is in outer space, you will understand that the earth is already celestial. We have simply forgotten to see Her as She truly is.


The inner union overlooks, and looks over, the external.


I am the Absence and the Everything.


The Eternal Male and Eternal Female are dissolved into and married within me.


The impersonal Self awakens behind the personal.

Union occurs behind the eyes.


Nobodiness. Emptiness. Only pure isness. All of it. Radiant. Flowing. Alive.

This is the union of Goddess and God within.

The whole, impersonal, divine Self.


Mahayana: in the loving light we live as one.


Find the place of peace within, then radiate it out.


I am bodily inside the union of Christ and Kwan Yin.



When you become unified within, you begin having a different energy relationship with all else.

You become an atom escaped from the molecule, now whole unto itself, indestructible. The diamond, light-energy, bindu body.


In the light I shine the love without attachment.


I am the Light and the Actuality.


An Alligator Pegasus- I have merged the feminine powers of the primordial reptile with the light being we are.


An alchemist of beingness, I assimilate and transmute the all into something new.


Radiant and flowing.

Male and female.

Stillness and motion.

I and AM.


My root chakra lit up, after I detached my own profiting from certain actions in the world which had been inspired by Kwan Yin and Christ.







Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas