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Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas


Sophia (left side, inward), and Shiva (right side, outer) united within me, and became the One Great Light Self that is All. Self is self is Self.


Make strong the crown chakra.


The Earth is now Celestial:

By this I mean that we- as microcosmic inhabitants of the earth- experience our world as a terrestrial home. However, as we expand beyond our spacial and paradigmatic frontiers, we then begin to experience the earth as a planet which is already in outer 'space'. That is: the earth is already a celestial body. The Divine energies which manifest as the earth- by whatever name you choose to call them- remain as divine as ever, but now we have developed a new perspective of them, and we have attained a new vibrational state, thus we have assisted this beautiful earth in shifting towards even a greater cosmic grandeur.


Let it be what it is.

Blend in with the all.


The Self is already not bound.


Maintain the inner union, behind the third eye.


To break the bonds which limited me, I had to learn to not-exist while existing. Thus I formed the crystal body, and entered the Jewelled Web of Indra. Identity fell away, and the Self emerged.

This is the Great Perfection. The absolute integration of Spirit and Flesh, consciousness and form, observer and observed.


By not being anything, I became everything, and unseparated myself from the All.


"You do not have to return, once you have dissolved into the All."
Gury Nanak


Liberation is possible for anyone; any gender, any race, age, or social standing. You must simply be willing to lose your identity, your separateness, your specialness, and dissolve into the Self that is All.





Spirit and Flesh notes, excerpted from the unpublished notebooks of Jack Haas