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The Flow of Life, and Who is Sophia, by Burl B. Hall

The Flow of Life


The worst nightmare of the corporate institution, the church and the state is that I become spiritually enlightened. To be a value to the corporation is to be results oriented. To be spiritually enlightened is to be empty of the desire for results. It is being totally in the Now. Being empty of results I place my head into the lap of my Goddess Sophia as Freedom. Let Her bells reign from the depths of infinity.

Becoming empty of results I attain all. Even the attainment of spiritual enlightenment is an illusion for enlightenment is free of all possessions. Hence I never possess enlightenment and never am enlightened. This is enlightenment. I cannot, in the eyes of my Goddess, possess anything, be it land, house or sea. I tend to say that all these things are Hers. But, the fact is, She owns nothing and hence is enslaved to no one. The Bible says the “Lord possessed Her (Sophia) in the beginning” (Proverbs ). But this is the reflection of a culture enslaved to possessions. My Lord possesses no one, including His wife. Love reigns in my heart. He is my lover. I am His wife. Our task is not to control, but to love.

I play these games of ownership for the sake of a culture that knows nothing of its Self. I also play them because I am living in the confines of a civilization that requires this kind of play. Yet, possession is an illusion in that we really own nothing. Capitalism, as well as all ism’s, are dead in my heart. Underneath our clothing we are as naked as jaybirds. Being naked is ultimate life and freedom. This is how we come into Sophia. Naked.

Labeling and possessing is tantamount to slavery. When I label myself by possessing “traits,” I am putting myself in a box. To say, “I am depressed” is to define my entire being as depressed. What we think we become. Even physics says that the universe is a thought. Every cell in our body reacts to our thoughts for it is thought that the cells think of as real. I am nothing means I am free of any limiting definitions of self.

To be free of the self is to attain to the empty Self of Nature. This is to allow life to flow, like a river. Nothing is possessed. Nothing is labeled. Life is no-thing. It is interesting to me that the term current means flow as well as present (as in “current events”). The deepest present we can give to ourselves is to be current. Isn’t it interesting that present means gift as well as here and now? To be present is the same as being current. The flow of our life is in the here and now. To possess, label and control is like damming the river. The flow of life is retarded. Isn’t it interesting that dam and damn are the same word. Being stuck is our worst nightmare. It is hell. Let Freedom reign. Go with the flow.



Beyond this world of time and space;
Sophia stands alone...
complete and whole unto Herself.

Sophia is not anything
or anybody

She just is.

Sophia is pure unconditioned Existence...
the Essence, or Nature, of all that lives.

In Her Essence,
Sophia is pure Virgin Consciousness.
No thought,
or conceptualization
can touch or fragment Her.
This is why She is eternally Virgin.

Ultimately, Sophia is Marie,
the infinite and uncreated Ocean of Life (Zoe)
in which all creatures are grounded.

Is there anyone
who can conceive,
or grasp
Infinite Life,
Infinite Being,
and Infinite Wisdom?

In Her ground,
Sophia is nothing at all.
She is the primordial Abyss
existing before God.
Though She is nothing,
Sophia contains the All
in Her womb composed of pure Consciousness/Energy.

Ultimately, Sophia is the Hindu Ananda;
meaning Being, Consciousness and Bliss.
She is the Christian Jerusalem,
the City of Peace
appearing at the end of time
as the Bride of Lord Jesus.

When is the end of time?
Where is Ananda?

The end of time
is the realization and experience
of Timeless Consciousness.
The end of time is the Eternal Now.

This is Ananda.
This is Sophia.

Call this what you will,
for Sophia experienced,
will be found as Lao Tzu's Nameless Tao.
Even the names Sophia, Ananda, and Tao will dissolve into dust.

Why is Sophia nameless?

Because She is beyond all thoughts
and conceptualizations.

She is the Absolute and undivided Brahmin
to Whom
Thought goeth not


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