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Christ Consciousness and the first begotten Son of God

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The First Begotten Son Was The First Consciousness

Who, By His Grace,

Reached Pure Consciousness

Before Creation (Spirit Of God).

 God consists of consciousness (Father) and the creative forces (Mother).  In the Beginning when the creative forces were released and the universe was out of control (chaos), God projected His Light into the universe and eventually the First Begotten Son was formed, “and there was Light” (Genesis 1:3).


            This First Begotten Son of God is the one who proved to be worthy through his struggle, won His Grace, and overcame the power of the tama guna over his Soul.

            He became God in the manifested world.  He became the Messiah, who is One with The Father (Pure Consciousness) and manifests The Mother (creative forces).  He is Father and Mother in flesh.  That is why He is called full of knowledge (The Father) and Grace (The Mother).

            He is then the prime focus for unification and the focal point of all truths.  That is why He is called The Christ.


          Any manifestation needs a nucleus. Without the atom there would be no creation or manifestation.  Every atom has a nucleus. Without the Messiah there would be no evolutionary leap of human consciousness. That is why God manifested the First Begotten Son, and used Him for this important function!


            God is in the state of Pure Consciousness or perfect awareness with control over the three gunas in the universe.  Also whoever reaches this state (by His Grace) will gain complete awareness with perfect power over the three gunas of his consciousness and with whatever other power the Lord gives to him.


          Whoever overcomes will become His son (Rev. 21:7).  He becomes in His image (a son is in the image or likeness of his Father).

            Such a consciousness is in Pure Consciousness, one with The Father, and the son of God  (a god).  He himself becomes a center and nucleus for those who recognize the truth (God) through him.  He radiates the qualities of God.  By his example he becomes the way and the truth, and whoever follows his ways (The Eternal Divine Path) will reach The Father (the Truth, The Light).

            However, the true radiating nucleus of the Universe and the controller of all is The Father (God), and it is He who unifies.  (As The Greatest Sign shows, even in the state of Pure Consciousness, the unit consciousness is under the control of the Father).

            But because each unit consciousness goes through different experiences, each will become unique in itself as an individual, at the same time be a part and parcel of God (All).

            In other words, God (universe) is all, and each individual is specialized through his experiences.  God can manifest Himself with special qualities through each individual with different expressions.  The total of the individuals (in all levels) with their qualities together manifest all the qualities of God.


          Many have realized that God is everything and Christ is within each person.  But this is not enough.  In order to bring about a unified force to this higher realization, the prophesied Messiah is paramount.

            So, although Christ is in each of us, a personal manifestation of the Messiah is most important. The very presence of such a being is a sign of an evolutionary leap of human consciousness.


            The other sons of God who reached the sonhood are at the same level and One with The Father.  Yet only The First Begotten Son is the Messiah!  Therefore, as we can see, although John has great powers and knowledge, when the multitude came and tried to make him proclaim that he was the Messiah, he refused.  He referred them to the One who will come after him, who is preferred before him (John 1:27)!       

          So, even though there are many who have received great commissions, the fulfillment will come when all are focused on the nucleus!


            That brings us to realize that there is no one, no man, no Prophet or even no Messiah who is the last one.  The Messiah keeps coming again and again and again, until the fulfillment of God’s Plan. That makes everyone open themselves, not only to their own teachers,  but to many teachers.

            Being open to many teachers and the teachings covered in The Greatest Sign expands your consciousness.  This will bring about that deeper meaning of what your own Prophet or religion has taught you.

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