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Christian art, UFO pictures, aliens, Jesus Christ, and ascension




UFO and alien books:




In the Nag Hammadi Library, a book of ancient Gnostic writings, Jesus Christ is called 'Allogenes', which means 'alien'.


Christian art, UFO aliens Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, UFO's, and aliens

A fresco entitled "The Crucifixion" and was painted in 1350. The fresco is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. The two objects in the painting, which could be considered UFO's, are enlarged below.


Christian art, UFO picture, Christian art

UFO picture, Christian art

Christian art, UFO picture, aliens, Christian art

UFO picture, aliens, Christian art


Other art pieces of a similar nature:

Christian art, Christian art, UFO, crucifixion

Christian art, UFO, crucifixion

"La Tebaide" by Paolo Uccello (painted c.1460-1465). The detail shows a saucer shaped UFO seen near Jesus. The painting is in the Academy of Florence.



Christian art, Christian art, Mother Mary, Annunciation

Christian art, Mother Mary, Annunciation

Christian art, Christian art, Mother Mary, UFO detail

Christian art, Mother Mary, UFO detail

The above painting is "The Annunciation" by Carlo Crivelli, and hangs in the National Gallery, London. A disk shaped UFO-type object throwing down a beam of light down onto Mary's head, is shown in detail.


Christian art, Christian art, Jesus and Mary

Christian art, Jesus and Mary

The above picture shows Jesus and Mary on what appear to be disc-shaped lenticular clouds. It is titled "The Miracle of the Snow", by Masolino Da Panicale (1383-1440). It hangs at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence, Italy.


Christian art, Christian art, Madonna

Christian art, Madonna

Christian art, Christian art, Madonna, UFO detail

Christian art, Madonna, UFO detail

"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino", painted in the 15th century, artist unknown but to the Lippi school. The lower detail shows a section where a man and his dog can be seen looking up at a UFO type object.


Christian art, Jesus Christ, Rocket ship, UFO

Jesus Christ and , rocket-ship-UFO

15th century fresco from Kiev. Shows Jesus in a rocket-ship.


Christian art, Jesus Christ, UFO crucifixion

Jesus Christ, UFO crucifixion

Christian art, Christian art, UFO crucifixion detail 1Christian art, Christian art, UFO crucifixion detail 2

Christian art, UFO crucifixion detail

A 17th century fresco from the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia. The two saucer shaped objects on either side of Christ contain faces, which can be seen in the detail images.


Christian art, Christian art, baptism of Jesus Christ by UFO

Christian art, baptism of Jesus Christ by UFO

"The Baptism of Christ", by Aert de Gelder, painted in 1710 and hangs in the Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge. A disk shaped, UFO type object is shining beams of light down upon John the Baptist and Jesus.


This artwork has been found at: http://www.ufoartwork.com/



book excerpt:

"I see now that I belong on this earth as much as any man. And I belong in the sky as well.

I expect this is the case for all of us- that because we come from both the earth and the sky, we find no peace in between them. And therefore it is up to us to find a way to belong, not to one or the other, but to both. For we come from an infinity which we shall forever darkly remember, and though its recollection sinks down into the darkest depths of this earth, the dull remembrance will haunt us all our days unless we finally come to terms with who and what we are. For it is out from the infinity of Self that we have landed in the finitude of this world, and though we must honor, love, and cherish the privilege of our stay, we must never forget that our seed also comes from another place beyond the Milky Way."

(excerpted from Roots and Wings: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas)


Read an excerpt about alien encounters and the Godself: http://www.iconoclastpress.com/bookAlienEncountersAbductionsKurtCobainAliensChristianReligion.htm








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