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Apathy, ambition, and the true sabbath




Apathy is the welcome-mat of the Spirit. It is this paradoxical recognition (paradoxical, at least, to those who have not experienced the still point of Creation within themselves) that in fact everything is actually done without doing anything; that the 'form'- which is to say, the play of the manifest- continues to return to us, over and over again, 'writhing at our feet', as it were.


It is for this reason that the prefix of ‘ambi-tion’ denotes a bifurcation, or ‘twoness’, which implies that a person with ambition is pulled in two opposite directions: the natural, internal pull, and the unnatural, worldly, external pull. It is this latter pull which separates us from ‘the peace which passeth all understanding’, for, as it is said, ‘no man can serve two masters’ (i.e. the internal universe, or the external universe). Either we serve the still point within ourselves, or the ever-changing phantasmagoria without. The choice is ours. But since 'the kingdom of heaven lies within', it is simply common sense to reverse our vision from the dancing show, and return to the stillness of the projector.


This is the 'one thing needful'. In the emptiness of this ignorance and indifference, when we are finished with all the vanities under the sun, perhaps we shall finally admit how foolhardy all our efforts and understandings have been.

The 'peace of mind' which comes from empty-minded apathy is the temple in which the Spirit builds its home. For it is the 'lilies in the field' which are looked after, though they think not, worry not, and do nothing but 'be'.


In our ease and surrender, life will become an eternal Sabbath, with only praise and acceptance remaining as our innocent chores.


For it is in this stillness that we disappear as separate fragments and re-appear as the One event occurring.


To be nothing in the midst of everything, is to be everything and no thing.


To let go of this paradigm, of everything known and unknown, in the way that it is known and unknown, is to become the emptiness that is living yet free from all confines. Yes, you are also confined. But you are not only confined. And to find and be that which is unconfined and free is to become the greater portion of your true, limitless Self- an infinite being awake within one of its infinite perspectives, its neverending finitudes.

Jack Haas


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In the union of spirit and flesh, through love, a profound, eternal oneness awakens in, and of, and as, the Kingdom of Christ

on earth. Amen.