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Dark Matter and Dark Chemistry

Spirit and flesh: the union of matter and mind, heaven and earth, emptiness and form.



Ordinary and Extraordinary Materialism

The Invisible Homo Sapiens


Chemical bonds exist because of stable Duet or Octet electron configurations and electron spins. If there are three dark matter particles (of negligible mass and zero charge) corresponding to electron, proton and neutron in humans they may form a Dark Aufbau and a hierarchy of dark atoms, dark molecules, dark cells, dark brain etc and a Dark Body parallel to their visible counter parts. Perhaps positive and negative gravitons or an as yet unknown force also may be involved. 


What is the point? Nothing much, but a mere Invisible Homo sapiens coupled parallel to the visible human body may exist. How about plants and animals and artificial intelligence (AI)? Plants may have only one type of Dark Matter that corresponding to electrons only. Animals may have an additional type corresponding to protons also. But these will not complete a Dark matter body in plants or animals. AI will have no Dark Matter particles coupled to any visible particles since there is no visible or dark DNA to govern these processes. The decreasing intensities of biophoton emission in the living cells of plants, animals and humans support this view. There is also theoretical basis to show that biophoton emission may be the result of interactions of Dark Matter particles with the visible particles.


The clearly observable taxonomic differences in spite of the close genomic similarities may be accounted for as follows: Type 1 Axions may be universally present across the taxa. Type II Axions may be present in animals and humans only, not in plants. Type III Axions may be present only in Humans.


Thus, only humans will have a complete hierarchy of Dark Bodies resulting in the INVISIBLE HOMO SAPIENS existing parallel to the visible human body. Since axions are non-electric, the axion body will be intransient being not governed by entropy, and will easily go through all material barriers. Animals will have less complete and plants the least complete form of Dark Bodies. Biophoton Emission seems to support this, plants emitting about 10 times more than animals. There are theoretical grounds to show that biophoton emission is a consequence of dark matter interaction with elementary particles. The binding capcity of axions to the visible atoms may exponentially increase with each addition of the axion type, making human dark cells 3^3 = 9 times more stable than plant dark cells.


So, Materialism to be valid must have two components: 1. Ordinary Materialism dealing with Light Matter and 2. Extra Ordinary Materialism dealing with Dark Matter or Dark Materialism.



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Philip Benjamin, PhD


from http://noeticcenter.tripod.com




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Spirit and flesh: the union of matter and mind, heaven and earth, emptiness and form.






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