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Cosmic Genetic Engineering

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Cosmic Genetic Engineering

Changing Genetic Structures

Antallah Antui a nahtu ensi. We salute you as Bringers Of Light.

Greetings Dear Ones. It is that in this moment we wish to speak to you of your changing genetic structures. There has been much talk within your realm of this.

It is that there as, in fact, changes occurring within you. It is that your DNA exists not only biologically, but other dimensionally as well. Your scientists study the aspects of the DNA phenomenon and have learned much. What they do not yet understand is that your DNA is much more than a functioning biological entity. It is your harmonic signature Universally.

If you were to hear the tones generated by each segment of each strand of your DNA, you would find that they create a collection of harmonic frequencies that when combined, duplicate your exact harmonic frequency. That harmonic frequency is your Universal identifier. There is no other who carries that frequency which is yours. In essence, you exist with your own harmonic resonance.

Your genetic structure operates much in the way a satellite system works as a transmitter and receiver. It is your biological and energetic connection to all things not only environmental but Universal. The frequencies found within your genetic structure are very fine. Light in fact.

Knowing this, when you work inter-dimensionally, it is that your harmonic frequency is your road map to your multiple aspects as well as all other aspects…beings, places, times. Each has a unique frequency. It is with this awareness that you are able to travel inter-dimensionally. It is with this awareness that you are able to locate times and places, and further, it is with this awareness that you are able to access the Akashic records for the attainment of any and all knowledge that you desire.

The changes that are occurring within you at this time are a re-harmonization with all other things. This re-harmonizing is occurring by a re-patterning of the electrical communications within your genetic structure. Both within the electrical and electro magnetic impulses which communicate from one segment to the next, as well as the inter-relationships of your DNA and RNA.

DNA molecular helix stuctureFirst of all, the electrical relationships between your segments of DNA are changing their relationships. There is an arcing occurring which at times will skip one or more segments in the DNA strand. This change in patterning is allowing for more of your Universal Awareness to come forefront. It is a part of the Awakening process which is occurring. As the electrical patterns change, so do the electro magnetic relationships.

In turn, as the electro magnetic relationships change, they become of higher frequencies. This instigates the overall raising of your vibration as a Being of Light. In such a way, what follows is a redistribution of the chemical relationships within you. At the same time, those impulses which are emitted from you throughout the Universal process invite certain other frequencies to you. These frequency impulses that come to you bring whole blocks of information. That information is becoming a part of your very being. In such a way, when shifts occur, you are already in possession of full knowledge of everything that you need in order to make the transition with those shifts.

With the changes that we have just described, there is another remarkable situation which occurs within you. As the higher vibrational frequencies begin to operate within you, you are beginning to utilize more of your brain. No, not the thinking, mental part of your brain…the rest of your brain which has lain dormant for countless millennia.

As the higher vibrational electrical and electro magnetic impulses course though you as a Being, there comes a response within your brain wave activity which allows for the use of the Gamma brain wave patterns. These Gamma Brain wave patterns are your gateway to all other realities. These are instigated within your brain utilizing the pattern of the golden ratio.

In such a way, there are three steps to your Gamma Brain wave patterning.

The first is Initiation. The beginning of intentional utilization of your consciousness outside of your body. With this Initiative process come the awareness of other realities, perhaps even other Beings who exist in those other realities.

The second phase of Gamma Wave activity is Communion. Communion is actual interaction and communication with other dimensional Beings in other Dimensional Realities. This communication for most becomes telepathic in nature, but carried many of the same sensory aspects which you now experience.

The third aspect of Gamma Wave activity within your brain functioning is Ascension. It is this point of consciousness from which you may depart this, your local reality to that which is the reality of the Source. That which is Light.

In order for you to intentionally access the ascension point consciously, you must first experience the Initiation and Communion aspects of your consciousness.

There is no thinking process which will take you to Light. No emotion which will take you there. Ascension is a conscious journey of your Being-ness. It is a letting go of all that which keeps you intact and allows you to experience yourself as a free and unencumbered Light Being. When you begin to access the Initiation, the feelings of unconditionality come. Bliss follows. When you access this place within yourself, you touch that part of you which is unbound. You become an ultra sensory being.

And so it is that with the changes that are occurring within you, these changes are happening all around you. The are Universal in nature, for as it was in the Beginning is will always be. You began as beings of Light, you have become beings of mass and weight. Thinking, feeling Beings who have become confused of your own processes. Embrace the changes for which you return to your essence of Being, your True nature, your selves as Light Beings. Know that this is as it will always be. There is no fear in your Light being-ness. No weight. It is all simple Truth of Being. Open yourself to that which you are.

And so it is that we return to Light.


From: Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn, Online Channeling April 24, 2003.
©Spirit Light Resources, Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn 2003 This information is intended for the highest and best good of all beings, and may be freely shared for personal use if maintained intact. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author. meg@spiritlite.com, or by mail at: Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn, P.O. Box 331,
Richland, WA  99352.

Cosmic Genetic Engineering


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