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An experience of the 'black beam' of Allah, at the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem


               "From where we sat you could see the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the four quarters, the Temple of Solomon- the place at which he is said to have ascended into heaven- and the Dome of the Rock- the second holiest site, after the black rock in Mecca, of Islam.

                It was toward this mosque that my Danish companion- who had lived in Israel, off and on, for over a decade- pointed one night and asked if I could see the ‘black beam’. It took me a few moments to retrain my focus, but then I perceived what I could not understand, and what scientists have been making ad hoc hypotheses to explain ever since it was first recognized- a black beam, the consistency of light, but not light, in fact, its opposite- a beam of darkness, running from the golden pinnacle of the Dome of the Rock, up into the sky and disappearing into the very heavens themselves. Muslims claim this is their connection with God, with Allah, which seems to me as reasonable an explanation as any other. For the ‘black beam’ is a phenomenon beyond explanation, because, to the best of my knowledge, darkness cannot be projected; only light can be projected. But this was a beam of absolute darkness, blacker than the night, which is why it could be perceived only at night.


               A very odd event, to be sure, and, to this day, it remains one of the most inexplicable peculiarities I have ever observed.

                Let the physicists and materialists say what they will about such occurrences, for me the Old city of Jerusalem appeared as a confluence of many primeval streams, and the mysteries within and around it betrayed the profundity of such sublime convergences, whose turbulence creates and maintains the spirit’s tangle in the realm of time. A tangle which I have come to fear, abhor, desire, and cherish."

(excerpted from ROOTS AND WINGS, by Jack Haas)


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