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Kuan Yin and Amsterdam Enlightenment

by Jack Haas



     While meditating by a bay window, in front of a Buddha sculpture, in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, I heard an ethereal voice say, "When the light hits the Buddha, you will be enlightened."

     I had been intuitively directed to this coffeeshop, and had been sitting on a cushion watching the sun's rays slowly climb towards the Buddha sculpture in front of me.

     When the voice spoke to me, I assumed that I would have a great consciousness awakening at the time of enlightenment, but this was not the case at all.

     As the light approached the Buddha, and finally touched the sculpture, I suddenly felt an amazing 'lightness' of being. That is, the vibration of my being changed instantly, and I became 'light', this was the enlightenment.

     I came to learn afterward that this particular coffeshop is a vortex of Kuan Yin, and it was likely her energy which raised my entire being up into a higher vibration.

     Kuan Yin is a huge vibrational force in Amsterdam. She is the reason that this city is so 'enlightened'.

     Her great beingness can be felt in many places around the city. It is up to the individual to tune into the higher vibration and let Her guide and transform you.



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